Ryan Ross

Head of Creative

With more than two decades of experience in creative industries, Ryan has honed his skills as a passionate and versatile designer.

His expertise spans creative strategy, graphic design, motion design, web design, social media, client relations and leadership. Ryan is known for crafting innovative campaigns that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Ryan's professional journey includes founding and running his own creative agency in South Africa for over 15 years, an experience that shaped his understanding of how outstanding creative work can lead to business success. 

At the heart of Ryan’s work is a passion for translating ideas, concepts and strategies into visual stories that educate, engage and effect change. Collaborating with clients, Ryan pinpoints objectives and navigate the creative process, ensuring every project delivers its intended impact.

When not diving into creative projects, Ryan can be found exploring his new home in Australia, cooking and braai'ing and building Lego with his kids.


Social media, design and digital Advertising Communications and campaigns Research and insights