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A comprehensive social media strategy is integral to the success of companies, governments and individuals. Social media has changed the face of public debate, turning observers into participants. News stories often break online and social and political movements can be conducted almost completely through social media. Sharing is often not the problem – standing out and leaving an impression is.

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Creating a more cohesive, resilient community

Over the past decade, social cohesion, community resilience and preventing violent extremism have been priorities for governments around the world.

When one of Australia’s largest state governments wanted to develop a campaign to respond to these issues, it turned to Civic. From conception to completion, Civic developed a campaign that brought together research, communications, media, stakeholder and community relations, web, social and digital, events, public relations, TV, radio and print advertising and issues management in to one integrated strategy built around the concepts of belonging and contribution.

Tracking research showed that following campaign implementation, there was a significant increase in the proportion of people who considered the contribution of multiculturalism and diversity. Pleasingly, there had also been a significant increase in respondents indicating they felt a sense of belonging.

Federal Government owned not-for-profit organisation

Since 2017, Civic has acted as public affairs adviser of record for a major Federal Government owned not-for-profit organisation.

Operating in a contentious area of public policy, the client works with a national stakeholder network that includes all levels of government around Australia.

As an embedded public affairs adviser, Civic has advised on communications, stakeholder engagement and media relations during a period of extraordinary change and growth in the organisation and its work.

Civic provides communications risk management advice on major national communications campaigns and has developed and implemented national stakeholder engagement programs to support multi-million-dollar funding programs.

Working together with the client’s executive and board, Civic provides advice on all aspects of communications, from speechwriting and copywriting, to issues and reputation management, creative campaigns, government and stakeholder engagement and internal communications.

Successfully advocating for a new public hospital

For the residents of one of Australia’s fastest-growing regions, the nearest public hospital was out of reach and out of space.

In the lead up to a recent state election, the council engaged Civic to develop a research-informed campaign to seek pre-election commitments from the State Government and Opposition to build a full-service, 24-hour public hospital in the region.

Research underpinned the development of a compelling campaign brand that raised awareness of the urgent need for a hospital, generated regular media coverage, more than 17,000 signed postcards and emails advocating for the hospital and helped forge a strong advocacy relationship between council and the community.

The campaign secured significant funding commitments and following the government’s re-election it progressed the planning of the new hospital.

Infrastructure transaction

As the communications adviser supporting a state government’s long-term lease of a major infrastructure asset, Civic was tasked with developing a strategy to communicate with stakeholders, communities, producers, growers, importers and financial markets.

Research findings guided the crafting of a sophisticated campaign which included a visual identity and brand, narrative and key messages, a detailed stakeholder matrix, website, international and domestic brochures and fact sheets.

The successful leasing of the asset secured an amount more than 50 per cent greater than the anticipated price.

Superannuation annual reports

For two consecutive years, Civic themed, wrote and designed the annual report for one of Australia’s leading industry super funds.

Stakeholders were interviewed to confirm the report’s direction, look and feel, theme and approach, with Civic developing a theme and narrative to reflect the fund’s past and future and translating often complex financial information into easy-to-read language accessible to a wide mix of readers.

Improved document wayfinding made the previously cumbersome report easier to navigate and a new approach to presentation included the production of the annual report, a summary brochure and an online flipbook and videos to provide snapshots of the year in review.

Civic also managed a national photographic shoot and scripted and filmed interviews with the CEO and Chair. In both years, the annual report medalled in the Australasian Reporting Awards.

International construction company

In 2020, Civic was engaged by the prime contractor in a consortium bidding for the design and construction of the largest road transport projects in Victoria’s history. The goal was to strengthen the Milan-based contractor’s brand and reputation in the Victorian market in support of the consortium’s bid.

Civic designed and delivered Building Value for Victoria, a campaign that focused on highlighting the contractor’s commitment to hyper-local content and procurement, corporate social responsibility and workplace safety.

Campaign activity also included media relations, digital and social media, advertising and video and podcast production. Advertising directed people to a purpose-built website that housed campaign content. Media coverage highlighted the contractor’s investment in Victorian infrastructure and the establishment of its Melbourne office.

In October 2021, the Victorian Government awarded the $11.1 billion primary package to the contractor’s consortium.

Relocating agricultural infrastructure

Civic developed and implemented an advocacy campaign to support the relocation of a livestock saleyard in regional Victoria.

Population growth meant that the ageing saleyard was located in an increasingly urban area, but the proposed relocation was being opposed by residents near the new site and there was a genuine risk that, in the face of local opposition, council would not grant planning approval.

Using a mix of digital, social and traditional tactics, Civic delivered a campaign that allowed residents in support of the move to voice their opinion and bring balance to the local debate.

A successful outcome was reached with council granting planning approval for the relocation.