Financial communications

Whether it be the announcement of an earnings “surprise”, soliciting proxies or developing a strategic briefing for investor roadshows, The Civic Partnership can ensure the right messages reach the right people at the right time and the right way. We routinely handle financial calendar reporting, drafting of ASX releases and writing annual reports, and can supplement your internal staff capabilities.

Some of our experts

Some of our success stories

Superannuation annual reports

For two consecutive years, Civic themed, wrote and designed the annual report for one of Australia’s leading industry super funds.

Stakeholders were interviewed to confirm the report’s direction, look and feel, theme and approach, with Civic developing a theme and narrative to reflect the fund’s past and future and translating often complex financial information into easy-to-read language accessible to a wide mix of readers.

Improved document wayfinding made the previously cumbersome report easier to navigate and a new approach to presentation included the production of the annual report, a summary brochure and an online flipbook and videos to provide snapshots of the year in review.

Civic also managed a national photographic shoot and scripted and filmed interviews with the CEO and Chair. In both years, the annual report medalled in the Australasian Reporting Awards.

Specialist equities fund manager

When a boutique equities fund manager wanted to stand out in a crowded marketplace, it turned to Civic for advice.

Our strategy of shining a light on its values and philanthropic endeavours, one that resonate with a target market of ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors. Detailed analysis and consultation informed the development of a media program profiling a next generation of talent.

This work was complemented by the design and delivery of a media and communications plan that has increased brand recognition and investor interest, with funds being oversubscribed and closing early.

Civic continues to advise the client on positioning and stakeholder engagement.

Australian-owned international lifestyle brand

As an Australian-owned manufacturer of international beauty brands began to be of interest to the financial media, it appointed Civic to assist it manage all aspects of its media profile.

Targeted media engagement secured significant – and positive – coverage in high-profile business publications, creating a buzz in the investment community. While the founders had not intended to sell the company, the positioning led to several discussion requests from major global beauty players.

Civic successfully positioned the company as an Australian high achiever on the world stage and helped generate interest in the business. Civic continues to manage the client’s corporate communications and are working to build the founders’ profiles while working with them to protect their – and their company’s – reputation in Australia and abroad.

Listed biopharmaceutical company

An Australian-listed global biopharmaceutical company developing and commercialising treatments for patients with genetic, metabolic and life-threatening disorders turned to Civic for better positioning in local and global markets.

Civic developed and delivered a program built around raising awareness of key regulatory milestones, such as FDA and other global market approvals, and the commercialisation of life-saving drugs.

With a booming share price a reflection of increasing market awareness, Civic focused on communicating the company’s plans for future growth and repositioning senior management in the media and the market, resulting in positive coverage in the lead up to the company’s AGM.

Diversified branded spirits company

Engaged to support one of Australia’s largest producers of alcoholic beverages as it undertook capital raising and completed significant post-IPO transactions, Civic provided financial communications support and services.

The work included targeted media engagement which presented the client’s business and founders to key audience groups. Civic also helped produce the capital raising presentation, ensuring the client’s key messages and progressive strategy were communicated in a way that inspired investment support from the audience and increased media awareness.

Leading mining company

Following its 2017 revolutionary rehabilitation of a Queensland mine, a top global zinc producer engaged Civic to review and refine its ASX announcements and messaging to ensure compliance with ASX reporting rules and all fiduciary responsibilities.

Civic managed the media coverage around the announcement of a major international transaction. Within a week, ten media outlets had covered the story and echoed the messages proposed by Civic.

Additional support was provided to the company’s managing director, preparing him to better engage with the media and appear in a bilingual video announcing the news.