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Infrastructure transaction

As the communications adviser supporting a state government’s long-term lease of a major infrastructure asset, Civic was tasked with developing a strategy to communicate with stakeholders, communities, producers, growers, importers and financial markets.

Research findings guided the crafting of a sophisticated campaign which included a visual identity and brand, narrative and key messages, a detailed stakeholder matrix, website, international and domestic brochures and fact sheets.

The successful leasing of the asset secured an amount more than 50 per cent greater than the anticipated price.

Specialist equities fund manager

When a boutique equities fund manager wanted to stand out in a crowded marketplace, it turned to Civic for advice.

Our strategy of shining a light on its values and philanthropic endeavours, one that resonate with a target market of ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors. Detailed analysis and consultation informed the development of a media program profiling a next generation of talent.

This work was complemented by the design and delivery of a media and communications plan that has increased brand recognition and investor interest, with funds being oversubscribed and closing early.

Civic continues to advise the client on positioning and stakeholder engagement.

Listed confectionary company

A US-based, ASX listed confectioner with a fast-growing B2B wholesale business engaged Civic to prepare ASX announcements and ensure corporate compliance.

A media strategy to help further the reporting of market announcements was successfully deployed leading to the share price more than doubling. This trend continued, with the shares reaching a new 52-week high coinciding with Civic’s work.

Civic continues to advise the company on its ASX announcements, quarterly 4C releases and annual reports. A revamped presentation deck to be presented to existing and new investors was also prepared.

Online travel agency

Civic was engaged by Australia and New Zealand’s leading online travel agency to provide media and communication support for its half-year financial results.

A refined approach to messaging and ASX announcements in line with ASX reporting rules and fiduciary responsibilities was a priority. A comprehensive media and messaging strategy was developed to support the release of the company’s half-year results and key business journalists were briefed, resulting in extensive coverage in leading business publications.

On the day results were released the share price skyrocketed 31% from the previous day’s closing price. The stock opened at $11.37, reached a high of $15.20 before closing at $14.85. The share price continued to climb in the next week to a high of $16.14.

Diversified branded spirits company

Engaged to support one of Australia’s largest producers of alcoholic beverages as it undertook capital raising and completed significant post-IPO transactions, Civic provided financial communications support and services.

The work included targeted media engagement which presented the client’s business and founders to key audience groups. Civic also helped produce the capital raising presentation, ensuring the client’s key messages and progressive strategy were communicated in a way that inspired investment support from the audience and increased media awareness.

Optimising the technology ecosystem of a non-profit organisation

An ecosystem thrives when the model is balanced, which is why it’s important to ensure the different marketing technologies and tools our client’s use are not only working together, but working for maximum return.

Civic Data reviewed this non-profit mental health organisation’s technology ecosystem across people, processes and platforms – including areas such as CRM, ERP, Tag Manager, Website Analytics, CMS and Ecommerce – ultimately improving efficiency, increasing revenue and maximising reach by aligning the organisation’s KPIs with recommendations.