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Infrastructure transaction

As the communications adviser supporting a state government’s long-term lease of a major infrastructure asset, Civic was tasked with developing a strategy to communicate with stakeholders, communities, producers, growers, importers and financial markets.

Research findings guided the crafting of a sophisticated campaign which included a visual identity and brand, narrative and key messages, a detailed stakeholder matrix, website, international and domestic brochures and fact sheets.

The successful leasing of the asset secured an amount more than 50 per cent greater than the anticipated price.

Relocating agricultural infrastructure

Civic developed and implemented an advocacy campaign to support the relocation of a livestock saleyard in regional Victoria.

Population growth meant that the ageing saleyard was located in an increasingly urban area, but the proposed relocation was being opposed by residents near the new site and there was a genuine risk that, in the face of local opposition, council would not grant planning approval.

Using a mix of digital, social and traditional tactics, Civic delivered a campaign that allowed residents in support of the move to voice their opinion and bring balance to the local debate.

A successful outcome was reached with council granting planning approval for the relocation.

Major chemical and construction manufacturer

Civic Data created an automated and personalised user experience for our client, which was ultimately deployed across more than 15 brand centric websites to maximise consumer, commercial and b2b products. Simple plug and play functionality means all stakeholders can work independently with the new solutions; reducing the client’s need for external consultants. Our principal consultants scoped, defined, and designed the migration of this entirely new enterprise analytics solution which targets audiences with exponentially more accuracy – meaning greater impact, effectiveness and, ultimately, return on investment